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The Convenience Of  A Professional Lice Treatment In Hartsdale

Lice Treatment Center in Hartsdale

Everyone has a busy schedule; whether you’re running to and from work or running errands, it feels like there is hardly ever any time to just breathe and relax unless you’ve scheduled a relaxing evening ahead of time. Once you have children, scheduling a relaxing time becomes more and more difficult. You had a relaxing evening planned, and they forgot the project was due tomorrow, making your relaxing evening a scrambling one. What’s worse is when they get sick; you wanted a night of silence and instead have to be the nurse and administer cough medicine every few hours. One of the biggest inconveniences of them all though is lice. Lice check at school means you leave early from work and either spend the next few hours delousing the house and your children, or maybe you could go the easier route of a professional lice treatment in Hartsdale?

What Are Some of The Conveniences of Getting A Professional Lice Treatment In Hartsdale?

      • Signature AirAllé® Treatment: Our AirAllé® Treatment an effective treatment that uses heat to dehydrate lice and their eggs.  The one hour option allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the AirAllé® Treatment. You begin with a half hour of the heat treatment followed by a very thorough comb out to ensure all the dehydrated lice and eggs have been removed from the scalp. We have a 30-day guarantee with our Signature Treatment.
  • Express AirAllé® Treatment: The express option of our treatment includes a half hour of the heated portion of the treatment followed by only a ten minute comb through of the hair. We recommend this professional lice treatment if you are willing to follow up with more treatments at home, ensuring for yourself that all the dehydrated lice are gone. We do not offer any re-treatment policies for our Express Treatment.
  • Using the professional lice treatment center in Ardsley will save you time and money. The average person spends about 2.5-3 hours getting rid of the lice out of  their hair depending on the length, thickness, and texture of their hair. If you have more than one child, chances are that you will be applying the treatment on everyone at once. Multiply that 2.5 hours per child, and you’re looking at a whole evening spent combing hair. We want to help you save time and instead of combing out your children’s hair, you can be enjoying the sunshine or eating out with them instead, knowing their hair is now lice free.

If you’re ready to take back your evening from those pesky lice, book an appointment at our professional lice treatment center in Hartdsale and enjoy a lice-free evening.

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