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Effective Lice Treatment in Harrison

Remember in school when you wished for snow days or really any excuse for no school? Even being sick meant staying at home in bed all day. The only thing you never wished you had was lice. That was the worst to get sent home with. Not only did you get sent home, but now your whole class had to be screened so they knew it was you. You felt awful and embarrassed that you were being sent home. You knew as soon as you got home it was going to be a long process with a very smelly shampoo and a comb that felt like it was ripping out every single strand of hair. You had to wait to sleep until your sheets were done being washed. Now that you have children of your own, you think, “There has got to be an easier, more effective lice treatment process in Harrison than this.” Well, now there is.

Airallé®, the most effective lice treatment in Harrison

What is this effective lice treatment? You may wonder, “Is this really different; can they really guarantee that the lice will be gone?” We can! At the Lice Clinics of Westchester, we guarantee that you can leave today lice free after one hour.

How does the Airallé® treatment work?

We spend a half hour on your scalp with a heated air treatment. We focus our time on the scalp because this is where the lice like to lay their eggs. After the heated part of the treatment is over, we spend the rest of the time combing gently, strand-by-strand to ensure that the now dehydrated lice and eggs are fully removed. Our treatment is so effective that as long as everyone in the house has been screened, we offer a 30-day guarantee that they won’t return or we retreat for free.

If the Airallé® treatment sounds like a much better time-saver option, contact our lice clinic in Harrison and schedule your appointment for the most effective lice treatment.

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