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Where Can I Get An Effective Lice Treatment In White Plains?

Lice is an awful four letter word. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it. Your head almost immediately starts to feel uncontrollably itchy. You need to make sure that no one else in your family has it, but what do you do and where do you go? You need an effective treatment in White Plains and fast. Your schedule is way too busy for lice.

A quick and easy effective lice treatment in White Plains

At the Lice Clinics of Westchester, we understand that your time is valuable. No one ever plans for lice. We have developed a fast and effective lice treatment in White Plains that you and your family can utilize. There are two options that you may choose from for our lice removal treatment, Airallé®.

  • One Hour Treatment – Our Airallé® treatment is designed to dehydrate the lice. We apply heat directly to your scalp for a half hour, dehydrating the lice and their eggs. Once this process is finished, one of our experts combs through your hair strand-by-strand, ensuring that all the dehydrated lice and eggs have been removed as well as any other pesky, stubborn lice and eggs that may be left.
  • Half Hour Treatment – With the half-hour treatment, we only do the heated Airallé® treatment for about 20 minutes on the scalp. Our lice treatment experts will comb your hair out for about 10 minutes, ending the half hour treatment.

We are positive that you will leave our White Plains clinic lice free with our hour-long Airallé® treatment. If the lice returns within 30 days, we will retreat for free as long as everyone in your family was screened on the first visit.

Lice may not care that you have a busy life, but we do. Contact our Lice Clinic in White Plains to schedule your effect lice treatment today.

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