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Why You Should Head To A Lice Treatment Center In Syosset To Get Rid Of Lice

You’ve just received that dreaded call from the school: it’s lice. You now have to spend time trying to find the right solutions that cause harm only to the lice and not your child’s head. Once you’ve found the proper treatment, you now get to spend hours combing each strand searching for the lice to make sure that the treatment has done its job. What if there was an easier way that could only take around an hour? There is: the Lice Treatment Center in Syosset is here to help.

What lice removal service does the Lice Treatment Center in Syosset offer?

The AirAllé treatment is a single-use applicator that is made specifically for the removal of lice. The AirAllé treatment is FDA cleared with no pesticides or toxins. In one hour our treatment is directed right onto the lice and their eggs which are near the scalp. Once our treatment has finished, we comb strand by strand ensuring that all the dried out lice and eggs are removed.  

What products should you use once the lice have been removed?

The Lice Treatment Center in Syosset can provide you with products to help keep the lice away after your initial treatment. These are two of our preventative products:

  • Lice Clinics of America Daily Lice Prevention Conditioning Spray: The minty essential oil acts as a repellent to help keep the lice at bay. It not only helps keep the lice away, but also conditions and detangles the hair as well. You can use on either dry or damp hair.
  • Lice Prevention Household Spray: Repel lice with our 100% natural essential oil solution. You can use this spray anywhere: furniture, bedding, car seat, carpet, and more. Spray directly onto anything that your child’s head may have come into contact with.

Next time you get that phone call, contact our Lice Treatment Center in Syosset right away to help get rid of those pesky, unwanted lice.

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