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Why Should You Choose Our Lice Treatment Center in Westchester?

Lice Treatment Center in Westchester

There’s one word that when said can have almost everyone scratching their heads. They’re not scratching out of confusion or thought, but out of paranoia. That word is LICE. Once someone mentions the word, it’s almost as if you can feel the itch of the lice on your own head. Hearing theword just sends shivers up your spine and a feeling of lice all over your head. What if you could hear that word and not dread having the lice because there was a place you trusted to help you get rid of them? What if you had someone there with you helping comb out the nits and lice, making sure they don’t come home with you? The Lice Treatment Center in Westchester can do just that. We can help clear you and your family’s head of lice.

We offer three lice removal services

Once confirmed by our screening process that there is lice, we can begin one of our three lice removal services. It is also recommended that once there has been a case of lice confirmed that the whole family should be screened as well.

  • Signature Airallé Treatment: This is our most effective lice treatment at our Westchester Lice Removal Treatment Center. This is a detailed process that takes time; however, we are so sure of our process that if our treatment doesn’t work, we will re-treat you for FREE! We give you a 30-minute Airallé Treatment and then comb your hair strand-by-strand to remove all the lice and apply an oil application.
  • Express Airallé Treatment: You will receive a 30 minute Airallé Treatment along with 10 minutes of strand-by-strand combing. This option will also require follow-up oil applications and additional combing either at our Westchester clinic or at your home.
  • Comb-Out Treatment: We don’t recommend the Airallé lice removal treatments for children under the age of four so in those instances, we comb out the lice for little ones. We use only non-toxic products while combing out the nits and lice. We go strand-by-strand with our combs to make sure all the lice have been removed.

Now the next time you hear the word “lice” you won’t have to fear; the Lice Treatment Center in Westchester has you covered. Contact us for more information on lice removal.

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