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Professional Lice Treatment VS. Store Bought Kit

Lice Treatment Center in Ardsley

We watch what our children eat; we watch who they play with; we check their toys to ensure they are safe for our children to play with, but what about when an emergency happens? Did we check to see if we have band-aids when the inevitable happens and they fall? What about when they get lice? There isn’t really time to do research ensuring that the lice treatments are safe. We at the Lice Clinics of America in Ardsley have created lists to help you decide what would the best and safest for your children.

Professional Treatment:

  • Effectiveness: With our professional lice treatment in Ardsley, we can guarantee that 99% of lice will be gone after one of our AirAllé® Treatments. We offer a full service treatment with our AirAllé® Device that will dehydrate the lice and eggs followed by a comb-out, ensuring that none of those pesky bugs made it through. We also offer shorter services of the comb-out, but also recommend that you follow through with the comb-out at home.
  • Pesticides: We can assure that our heated treatment and comb-out come with no toxins or pesticides. We want to make sure that your children are safe while in our chair and long after they leave. By applying a safe amount of heat to the scalp, we eliminate the need for any toxins or pesticides.
  • Warnings: Almost everything comes with a warning label, from our coffee in the morning to our mattress at night, we have warnings all around us. Our professional treatment is not suitable for children under four, so we recommend using our products to do a comb-out treatment at home instead. We also can’t provide treatment to individuals who cannot feel pain or have open wounds or sores on their scalp.

Store Bought Kits:

  • Effectiveness: On average most boxes are only about 43-45% effective after one treatment. You will most likely need to apply two or more treatments to ensure that all the pesky lice are gone, and their eggs haven’t hatched.
  • Pesticides: Different makers use different ingredients in their treatments; however, the most common pesticides and toxins among them were Ivermectin and Permethrin. These toxins are used to help kill ringworm, scabies, and other pesky little bugs as well. Our bodies thankfully do have a protective barrier that can help prevent the toxin from harming our body the same way it does the lice.
  • Warnings: The box warnings include: check for allergic reaction, age restrictions, eye and skin irritant, over usage can induce vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, abdominal pain, among other symptoms.

If you’re ready to make the decision between store bought kits or visiting our safe professional lice treatment center in Ardsley, we’d be happy to hear from you. You can book an appointment today and get your professional lice treatment and know your children are safe from harmful pesticides and toxins.

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