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Where Can You Go To Get Rid Of Lice In One Hour?

Lice Treatment Center in Scarsdale

Lice are pesky little bugs that always seem to come around at the most inconvenient times. Not only do you have to make sure that they are all out of your hair, but that they haven’t also spread to anyone else in your household. Everything needs to be washed and bagged up immediately; no stuffed animals or bedding until they have been thoroughly cleaned, otherwise those pesky little bugs can come back. Now that you have the things in the house taken care of, what about the people? It can take hours to check everyone’s heads and comb out every lice and nit that you may see.

What if you could take your whole family somewhere and be lice free in an hour? Sounds too go to be true, but the Lice Treatment Center in Scarsdale has performed over 950,000 lice removal treatments making this statement true. We are so sure that our lice treatments work that if it comes back within 30 days, we will re-treat you for FREE!

Once you and your whole family have been treated and the lice are gone, we have preventative products to help keep the lice away.

Each preventive product contains essential oils that attack the louse’s olfactory nerves. You can choose to use our products every day or as your normal hair routine. Our products will smell nice and pleasant to you, but will be absolutely repulsive to the lice, making them jump somewhere else.

  • Preventive Shampoo
  • Preventive Conditioner
  • Preventive Spray

*You can find these at your Lice Treatment Center in Scarsdale.

Whether you’re trying to prevent or are in need of a treatment, contact our experts at the Lice Treatment Center in Scarsdale to help you and your family be lice free in an hour.

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